I just opened a package of their Strawberry cookies. They can now fit into a tea cup. They need to be rebranded as BITE SIZE cookies! I have bought these cookies for years and have been happy. I first found them in the 70's. They were a companion when studying for exams or working on papers

I hate this tactic!!! Do you think you're fooling anyone? Trying to hide the little fact that you altered the size of your cookies? Be honest and raise the price. We all understand the prices are on the rise again. Actually when have they ever been steady?

Stand behind your product and your pricing. Realize that this shabby tactic

only feels like you are trying to pull one over on us. And we don't like to be hoodwinked.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pepperidge Farm Cookies.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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They are tiny now. Screw them and their overpriced cookies.

Taking people for a ride that way. Greedy and duplicitous.


Fat people crave large cookies. Why not just eat two ? Or the entire package ?

Ryan F

Maybe she’s pissed like I am. Milano cookies come in a pack of 15. Now THEY are almost half the size they used to be and look like they were made by a kindergartner.

@Ryan F

You two little five year old kids need to buy a dictionary and learn the definition of "micro"

@Ryan F

What you two kids need to do is get your parents a dictionary so that you can look up the definition of "micro"


Careful up there on your soapbox friend.


True. However they are still charging you the same or higher price.

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