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Glutten free fishes

by Rosemary A Ztq

Can you please make a gluten-free cheddar fishes! My granddaughter’s favorite food is the cheddar cheese fishy’s and she just got diagnosed with celiac’s the only thing she wants is fishes. A lot of kids have this disease and a lot of companies make gluten-free products please make a gluten-free fishes.

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by Cassandra V Rvp

Years ago I used to buy rolls from Pepperidge Farm that were in a Box I can't remember the name of them but they were longer roles that you would actually put filling in to if you wanted to I love those I do believe that was back in the late seventies or early eighties

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Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookie

by Bruce W Ibl

Cookies with sell by dates in May and June taste different. They now have a fruity taste that is not consistent with the earlier simple nice taste. I have tested multiple bags from several stores.

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Cookie Crumbs

by Nancy M Olz

How come after decades of purchasing your cookies they now come in a new form... crumbles?

Shouldn't you rename your products "Cookie Crumbs"? Not buying anymore!

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