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I have an issue with the parmesan goldfish product's quality control.Every time I open a new bag, I never know what to expect and I hate that.

I just bought two bags and they're inedible. They're bloated and burnt and taste like carbon. I have pictures to show the goldfish from the current "good" bag I was eating, and the goldfish I found in BOTH the two new "bad" bags that I bought.

I opened both bags and therefore can't return them, but I'm looking into exchanging them, however, I'm pretty far from a grocery store and only get to go every couple weeks.Thanks for listening :)


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The burnt ones are the best!


I think the cookies are pretty bad as well.I tried the MONTAUK milk chocolate cookies and besides having an odd un-cookie like taste,the chocolate chunks don't even taste like chocolate.I think they need to get it together or quit the snack business.


I purchased a box of Goldfish (100) calorie pouches)CHADDAR-- expiration Date: 11/1/09 today is 10/21/2009 and they are stale.Pepperidge Farms must be cutting back on QC.


I know what you're saying, OP.I feel exactly the same way.

Some bags have all good fishies, and others have all burned, flat ones. In fact, I ended up here looking to see if Pepp.

Farm changed their Goldfish recipe because the Parmesan ones I'm eating right now have a different texture with brown specks in them.Not to mention they all seem to have that slightly burned taste.


You're complaining?

I would kill to have a bag like that. I love burned Goldfish crackers...


wow, i thought i was the only one who noticed the differences in batches of goldfish!


They are bad for you anyways so stop eating them.


I think your pictures really do a good job of showing production quality changes.


wow. shut up.


What a pathetic life you must have.

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