My husband loves German Chocolate cake. We bought one in the frozen food section today and let it set out in the box for about an hour.

I cut a couple slices and my husband ate it and said it tasted funny. I ate a small slice and thought it tasted odd too. We turned the cake around and saw it was molded!!

Never again will I buy any Pepperidge farms cakes again! As you can see it was well within the expiration date!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pepperidge Farm Cake.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

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I agree with the other reviewers regarding the store vs. the brand, but to be honest I wouldn't really expect much from a packaged, frozen cake in the first place.


Are you retarded? The mold is the grocery stores fault, not peperage farm


Worst German Chocolate Cake ever. They shouldn't even be allowed to call it that.

Fake tasting chocolate cake. A sprinkle of "toasted" coconut in a bland icing. No nuts.

Seriously? I want my money back.


Gross! What sometimes happens with frozen sweets is that parents with kids put the item in their cart and walk around the store with it.

Then their kids misbehave and are 'punished' with that they will not get cake or ice cream after all. Without concern for other customers, the parent takes the item and just tosses it on the nearest shelf next to the ketchups or canned soups so the kids will be immediately disappointed and cry (plus, it is an inconvenient bother to return to the frozen food aisle). There the item sits for a full day or two till an employee notices it. To save money, the manager tells them to just toss it back in the freezer in the proper section.

They predict that you will not return the item, but will blame the manufacturer, as you've done. Therefore, they received your money for a damaged cake, and you will simply buy a different brand from them next time.

When you get ice cream bars that are flat and misshapen, boxed ice cream with a half inch of frosty funk on top, or cakes with serious mold issues, all while purchased before the expiration date, that's what probably happened: you got punished along with someone's kids.


I would be more inclined to not shop at the store where you bought the cake. They may have had cases of cake sitting out for way too long before putting them in the cooler. I would have returned it let the store see it so they could check others from the same delivery.


If the freezer at the store where you bought this from got too warm, it could have caused the product to mold like this. Don't knock the brand before you check with the store. A lot of the times, it's the stores fault and not the manufacturer.

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