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I purchased this product on November 2 2014 Please explain to me how can I make a peanut butter sandwich with bread like this.

Review about: Pepperidge Farm Bread.

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Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #1213782

Dude it was 7-Grain you're not supposed to make a Peanut Butter sandwich on that. If you know anything about breads you ***, that the dough rises before and after baking.

That one happened to sit to rise for too long.

Jeez, get over yourself. Just get some wheat bread and get on with your life!


Complaining about a loaf of bread? Seriously dude, put a bullet your head and end the misery now..



You need to think "Green", man!

That's the new solution to plastic in landfills.

Instead of making your sandwich and putting it into a zip lock, the bread manufacturers are "going green" by installing handles. Just put the sandwich stuff in between the bread and carry it to work like a purse.

Maybe they should provide better instruction on the packaging.


Unfortunately, that happens sometimes when bread bakes. I have that happen to me at times, and you just work around it.

I'm sorry you feel frustrated, but that's just how it is. You could try making your own bread or buying another brand.

Hope you have a good day, fellow PB lover. :)

Southlake, Texas, United States #901847

... its from a gas pocket from when the bread was rising...

it happens.

Is this the first time you've ever come across voided bread? Whooo-boy are you in for a rough life.


You must be six years old if you don't know how to make a peanut butter sandwich. Why not get mommy to help you?

to KevinRichards #896363

aaaah, Newsflash! a six year do know how to make a peanut butter sandwich.

to ana232 Orange, California, United States #896955

Which just shows how "intelligent" this person is since she needs to ask how to make one. I am sure even two year old's know how to make one.

to KevinRichards #991536

Nasty replies are counterproductive, as well as mean-spirited! Calling names and degrading people, rather than addressing their concern, reveals small mindedness!


Spread peanut butter on the bread, not the hole. That's how it's low calories.

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