I bought a loaf of Farmhouse white. Read and opened it to make my grandson a sandwich.

A couple pieces in, pulled out a slice with something dark in the middle of it. At first glance, I thought maybe it was yeast that hadn't mixed in but on closer inspection it appeared to have legs. It was some kind of giant insect. It looked to me like a spider of some sort.

I immediately contacted customer service, they took a report and said they would be sending me packaging to mail them the bread and insect so they can look into it. I waited and waited and a couple weeks later they sent me 3 coupons for Pepperidge farm products. As if I would ever buy this again. I am writing here because apparently they didn't find this important enough to look into.

I sent them the pictures that I am pisting here. Disgusting! This used to be the only bread we would buy.

No more! I still have the bread frozen because I thought they wanted it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pepperidge Farm White Bread.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 4002 W Miller Rd # 130, Garland, TX 75041, USA

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Try Sara Lee Italian Bread - it looks very similar to that bread and it stays fresh for a long time. So yum!


I agree- I’d take it to the health Dept.! They deserve a good look and the HD should go inspect the plant or cite them for falling below consumer standards perhaps- maybe recall all of that bread depending on whatever they find it is!

An attorney will just ask if you had any loss - and other than a few bucks which the company sent you to recover your losses you don’t since you weren’t injured- so they won’t have any interest in helping you. But yeah BAD on PF!


Never, ever agree to send a company a product which is severely defective or dangerously contaminated. They will do eaxcatly as Pepperidge Farm did and destroy it, and send a few coupons. Store it seperately in a container and contact the health department or attorney general.


Doesn't look like a bug to me.


Yuck. (capital Y)

You'll never trust that product again and the company even less for their lack of response.

As a matter of fact, I'll avoid it, too.

Of course I don't eat white bread because I'm diabetic but now I don't feel so crummy about it.

I'd send the bug and the wrapper back anyways.

Via Registered Mail, return receipt requested. Registered Mail is for packages of value which this either is or isn't depending on your view ; but someone will have to sign for it and open it.

Don't expect any results but savor the thought of the bug falling out of the envelope and onto someone's desk ...

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