I bought a Pepperidge Farm coconut cake yesterday, like I have for decades and was shocked. It was awful.

The icing used to be wonderful and rich and not too sweet. It used to be one of the best icings I ever tasted. But no more! Now it is heaped with sugar and is way over-sweet and tastes awful.

Also, the cake used to have loads of shredded coconut on top and on the sides. This time I could barely find any shredded coconut at all. Just that disgusting, over-sweet icing. I will never buy Pepperidge farm cakes again.

Do they think we're stupid? I guess cancerous capitalism rules again. They must have said, Hey if we stop loading the cake with real shredded coconut and start loading the icing with so much sugar and not much else we can make a much cheaper quality cake and so the powers that be at Pepperidge farm can make more billions of dollars. I will not buy anything Pepperidge Farm ever again.

Boycott them. Let's stop making them rich at our expense.

Pathetic. They had something great and completely destroyed it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pepperidge Farm Cake.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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