Like the other reviewers, I remembered the cakes from my childhood, and for Christmas thought of them fondly again and brought one home to enjoy. First of all you should know that I am a 'sweets-a-holic'.

Seriously into sweets. This one - like the other reviewer said - was not wrapped, just frozen and stuffed into a box. That was worry number one. Then it didn't look the same as I remembered from the 1970's (what does?

- LOL). But in this case, the looks were not deceiving. It was AWFUL.

What happened to the crisp decadent chocolate icing? Oh, I can guess, they stopped using butter and REAL ingredients and loaded it full of Monsanto GMO wheat and kill-you-dead oils to "improve" it.

I did something I would NEVER do to a cake - I THREW IT IN THE GARBAGE.

So sad that people can't stop ruining good things.

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

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